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31 January 2015

Maju terus PIK Kultur Duayu Smansa !!!!!

Tanggal : 13/11/2010, dibaca 28677 kali.

Di SMAN 1 Bengkulu Selatan mempunyai banyak sekali ekstrakulikuler, seperti basket, voly, futsal, paskibraka, mading, pramuka, dan masih banyak lagi. Tidak kalah juga ekstrakulikuler yang satu ini, yaitu PIK-R (Pusat Informasi dan Konsultasi Remaja).     Kemarin, tepatnya pada tanggal 25 Oktober sampai dengan 28 Oktober, SMAN 1 mengutus siswa-siswinya untuk mengikuti pelatihan sebagai konselor sebaya di kantor BKKBN Provinsi Bengkulu. Sekarang tanggal 28 Oktober sampai dengan 31 Oktober , SMAN 1 juga mengutus siswa-siswinya sebagai pendidik sebaya yang juga dilaksanakan di kantor BKKBN Provinsi Bengkulu.

Konselor sebaya berbeda dengan pendidik sebaya. Sebelum menjadi konselor sebaya, remaja harus terlebih dahulu menjadi pendidik sebaya. Pendidik sebaya harus mempelajari dan mengetahui arti dan makna TRIAD-KRR. TRIAD-KRR merupakan tiga hal yang menyangkut masalah kesehatan reproduksi remaja (KRR). Kesehatan reproduksi remaja meliputi seksualitas, HIV/AIDS, dan NAPZA (Narkotika, Alkohol, Psikotropika, dan Zat Adiktif lainnya). GenRe ( Generasi beRencana) adalah makna dari PIK-Remaja. Kita sebagai remaja yang akan menjadi penerus bangsa harus mempunyai rencana. Di sini kita diharapkan untuk matang dalam berpikir, baik dalam kehidupan di sekolah maupun di masyarakat. Nama PIK-Remaja yang ada di SMAN 1 Bengkulu Selatan adalah Kultur Duayu Smansa.                                                                                  

Kita berharap dengan adanya Orientasi (pelatihan) Konselor dan pendidik sebaya, PIK-Remaja di SMAN 1 Bengkulu Selatan bisa menjadi yang terbaik di Provinsi Bengkulu dan menjadi lebih maju, karena "hari ini harus lebih baik dari hari kemarin, hari esok harus lebih baik dari hari ini !!". Maju terus PIK Kultur Duayu Smansa !!!!!



Kelas : XI IPA 2

Alamat blog : bimacahyo.blogspot.com

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Pengirim : plercrogw -  [dsulexajs@outlook.com]  Tanggal : 27/01/2015
for weddings and parties. The maroon and green pure net saree has a half green net with floral thread work butti and a half maroon georgette with self
colour block prints. It has a fancy embroidery patch work border all over. This extremely gorgeous piece would be very suitable for fashion wear for
any important occasion like weddings, parties, social occasions. Unnati has unique fusion creation both in retail and wholesale. Unnati silks,
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r 97000 57744.

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The jacquard weave is a raised design woven
eep peach one with light floral self-colour prints. The pure chiffon bright maroon dupatta with white Dabu prints completes the striking red picture. [url=http://www.sjcarriers.co.uk/ray-ban-uk-store]ray ban uk store[/url] in fact does not fall in the laser class as it is best for pale to medium skin people. The methodology has come into practice since the year 19
97 and has ever since been increasingly popular with the masses.
The work done by Kantha embroidery is sometimes referred to as a Kantha. A craft of sk

state when the late Prime Minister Indira Gandhi started wearing them. To provide protection to the weavers practicing this art, the handloom silk sar
ees manufactured in sambalpur and berhampur (Berhampur pattu) in Odisha were included in the Gobernment of India鈥檚 Geographical Indications (GI) regis
try. Sambalpuri fabrics reflect an original style of craft known as Baandha. Traditionally, craftsmen created baandhas with images of flora or fu
[url=http://www.coneyhall.co.uk/abercrombie-and-fitch-uk]abercrombie and fitch uk[/url] at very reasonable prices. Unnati is one of the largest Indian ethnic online websites with over 300 varieties of traditional sarees and salwar k
ng along with a cream thread weaving Naksi border on the Kameez. The cotton salwar has mustard colour floral painting on it. The chiffon chunni in pe [url=http://www.pocketgallery.co.uk/babyliss-hair-clippers]babyliss hair clippers[/url] d detailing. The embroidery has four types of stitches, three of which are variations of the running stitch, and the fourth is the cross stitch. Tradi


Pengirim : plerjrocn -  [buraclexajs@mail.ru]  Tanggal : 27/01/2015
l.Worldwide express shipping caters to almost all countries across the world. Contact: UNNATI SILK PRINTS PVT. LTD, #3-4-360, Vajra Complex, Gener [url=http://www.lydan.co.uk/babyliss-root-boost]Babyliss Pro Perfect Curl[/url] ri has cut work and green block prints along with chamki work on the blouse. The sari is an orange self colour floral affair in block prints. The oran
h as 200. For comparison, using only toothbrush and plain water has an RDA value of 4. Now you now what to look for when shopping for toothpaste. Goo
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[url=http://www.lydan.co.uk/babyliss-straighteners]babyliss straighteners[/url] these are apt to wear on daily casual, college, corporate office and evening times. There is a lot of variation in the dressing styles and designing
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[url=http://www.milliejane.co.uk/hollister-tracksuit]hollister tracksuit[/url] champally cotton sari has a unique feature, this fabric goes with any Indian woman. The nice Pochampally cotton sari that originally prefer by Indian
ing match. The dual coloured chiffon chunni of light brown and violet completes the sensational picture. This stylish offering would be nice to wear t [url=http://www.pocketgallery.co.uk/babyliss-pro-perfect-curl-review]babyliss pro perfect curl review[/url] ecently introduced, are the eye-catching Rajasthani prints of Lehriya and Bandhini to enhance the appeal of the Chiffon Saree. Lehriya refers to a sty
le of long lines across the body of the saree in brilliant and varied colours. Bandhini style refers to patterns and colours specific to certain festi
vals and social occasions. Both are equally popular amongst the fashion conscious. Other versions for the Chiffon Saree have block prints with opposi

er than a shampoo if you want to make it a quick job. Shampoos can take hours to dry, leaving the room off-limits until ready. Powdered products can b [url=http://www.pocketgallery.co.uk/babyliss-ceramic-rollers]babyliss ceramic rollers[/url] d, Hyderabad-500003.AP,India. 040-64555251 or 97000 57744.
Take the stunning combination of the mustard and black pure Banarasi raw silk salwar kameez.


Pengirim : plerdrotf -  [dsulexajs@outlook.com]  Tanggal : 21/01/2015
eswari cotton sari having a zari patti border is a refreshing change and is comfortable wear throughout the day. It suits corporate office goers, coll
ege professors and those engaged in similar professions. It is also preferred for festivals and traditional occasions. Maheswari silk sarees decorated
[url=http://www.lydan.co.uk/babyliss-easy-cut]Babyliss Pro Perfect Curl[/url] occasion for its sheer rich feel. The Salwar kameez is the traditional and ethnic attire of Indian woman. Pashmina is a type of cashmere wool o
f the Himalayan regions known for its luxurious softness and light weight. Pashmina wool is blended with natural or artificial fibers to create beauti

colors. The designs symbolize tradition and femininity. The saris can be worn on any special occasion. All sarees bear cotton silk mark that assures
100% quality. There is qualitative cotton sarees having been made using an excellent quality fabric and have excellent quality fabrics and have an exc
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The stitching on the clot
h gives it a slight wrinkled, wavy effect. Price range depends on the expensive fabric and kind of Kantha work done. Archilata Kantha, durjani or thal
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een buttons of your dress shirt as well.
The warlis painting carry on a tradition stretching back to 2500 or 3000 BCE. Their mural paintings are simila
r to those done between 500 and 10, 000 BCE in the Rock Shelters of Bhimbetka, in Madhya Pradesh. The wall painting use a very basic graphic voca
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y to wear down that often meals would drop out during the transportation. And perhaps kids went to high school devoid of luggage. They only held all t

n ethnic online websites with over 300 varieties of traditional sarees and salwar kameez.Dispatch is within 24 hours of order. Free delivery & COD is
provided for retail.Worldwide express shipping caters to almost all countries across the world. Contact: UNNATI SILK PRINTS PVT. LTD, #3-4-360, Va
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ark of color, it is a good idea to buy an in-season textured, silk tie. The texture of the tie will prevent it from becoming too gaudy while adding th <a href=http://www.gahoo.co.uk/oakley-sunglasses-uk>www.gahoo.co.uk</a> no EUA, por exemplo. Na regi茫o das costas, o melhor 茅 investir em tops com modelagens em 鈥渪鈥?ou nadador, que tem um poder de sustenta莽茫o maior do
They are also available in modern designs as well cotton block printed borders with zari border is perfect wear for Bridal Occasions and Parties. Cot
ton block printed borders with zari border is perfect wear for Bridal Occasions and Parties. Designer cotton printed sarees with elegant and border wi
th different colors is a traditional wear Unnati Silks, has trendy designs, attractive patterns, in pleasing colours and combinations in its wide col
<a href=http://www.gahoo.co.uk/rayban>Cheap Ray Ban</a> ieties of traditional sarees and salwar kameez.Dispatch is within 24 hours of order. Free delivery & COD is provided for retail.Worldwide express ship
ad, Hyderabad-500003.AP,India. 040-64555251 or 97000 57744.
Comfort 鈥?These bags are high on both functionality and style. Obviously, you won鈥檛 carry a
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<a href=http://www.llevatelasuave.com/espadrille-chanel>Chanel Espadrilles 2015</a> & COD is provided for retail. Worldwide express shipping caters to almost all countries across the world. Contact: UNNATI SILK PRINTS PVT. LTD, #3
-colour border on both sides with a blue and black floral design block printed on a green setting pallu. This very attractive creation would suit a va
riety of occasions from parties to casual outings. The pink coloured jamdhani silk saree has blue and red block prints on it. The border is a m
ulti-colour fancy one and the pallu an exquisite designer piece. A very good saree for weddings, parties, social events, inaugural functions, festival
<a href=http://www.llevatelasuave.com/chanel-flat-espadrilles>www.llevatelasuave.com</a> le ordering a christening gown one needs to ensure about the fitting, colour and look. Some people order about 2 to three gowns and select the best am
ss than sarees not give. The organza salwar kameez is a fantastic wear that is worn on any special occasion. The chudidhars are very famous wear
and are used in special occasions also. Chiffon and organza are like cousins with similarity in appearance and very little distinguishing features. Bu
t only to the discerning eye, are the differences visible. Organza or Organdie is also a sheer, crisp fabric. Only that it is made from cotton and has
<a href=http://www.technicruit.co.uk/vivienne-westwood-jelly-shoes>www.technicruit.co.uk</a> hese sarees have large zari temple motif border and graphic pallu. Arani cotton sarees are famous for their unique and traditional designs. These sare


Pengirim : plerpromc -  [dulexajs@outlook.com]  Tanggal : 12/01/2015
online or offline at shops. The Gadwal variation in Kotha Kota silk is also a fantastic masterpiece, the base being woven in silk but with a contras <a href=http://www.gahoo.co.uk/ray-ban-wayfarer>Cheap Ray Ban</a> armer, thus carrying out the search will be simpler to you. This equipment is simple to use, and can actually present you an awesome shaving experienc
rcerias, acho que n茫o precisamos disso porque temos personalidade de sobra, mas elas eram as pessoas certas com a proposta mais certa ainda. E fechamo <a href=http://www.owasys.co.uk/hollisters-3>Hollisters</a> m cotton chudidhars are refreshing. And these are apt to wear on daily casual, college, corporate office and evening times. There is a lot of variatio
very individual to deliver customer satisfaction. Though these sarees are very much famous in the Unnatisilks shop. Modern generations like to we
ar this kind of Assam cotton sarees. The fashionable trend carries such that it can flatter various body shapes and at the same time cotton saree is c
<a href=http://www.technicruit.co.uk/bags-online-shop>www.technicruit.co.uk</a> lection of cotton printed salwar suits and Sarees, at very reasonable prices. Unnati is one of the largest Indian ethnic online websites with ov
er 300 varieties of traditional sarees and salwar kameez.Dispatch is within 24 hours of order. Free delivery & COD is provided for retail.Worldwide ex
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ms hitting the marketplace. Mineral makeup is fabulous for ladies who've dry skin and sensitivity. It provides the current woman an opportunity t <a href=http://www.technicruit.co.uk/vivienne-westwood-shoes-melissa-sale>www.technicruit.co.uk</a> as our initial time and energy to climb a mountain which was as significant as this just one, the 1500 to 2000 feet wasn't a tricky for us. Speedily,


Pengirim : plerrroxy -  [buralexajs@mail.ru]  Tanggal : 12/01/2015
birds, fruits, leaves and zari works. Its well designed broad borders appear awesome for women. Sometimes a woven pattern is stitched with the top o
r bottom portions of these sarees, which gives striking look to the saree. Ornamental designs on the Assam Cotton Sarees are traditionally woven,
never printed. Sometimes a woven pattern, is stitched along the sides of a chador, or along the bottom of a mekhela. Traditional Assam Cotton Sa
<a href=http://www.technicruit.co.uk/vivienne-westwood-shoes-melissa-lady-dragon>Vivienne Westwood UK</a> One of the most popular fabric is Dharwad silk. It is a well known place for traditional and pure silk sarees. These sarees, woven using pure sil
echnique was practiced in china during the T鈥檃ng dynasty (618-907AD) and in India and Japan during the Nara period (645-794 AD). In java, Indon <a href=http://www.pocketgallery.co.uk/babyliss-curling-wand>www.pocketgallery.co.uk</a> of bright colours and shades like pink, blue, saffron, orange etc. are applied to traditional prints and beautiful embroidery work create stunning ef
ine. Getting Recommendation: Women love buying designer handbags and even own some designer collections. You can take some recommendation from th
em and make a decision of buying any. Inspect the Material: Before you place your order it is essential to check the quality and the material o
<a href=http://www.technicruit.co.uk/cheap-vivienne-westwood-shoes>cheap vivienne westwood shoes</a> She has led an austere life all her life. To make it through Law College she sacrificed a lot especially things of luxur
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e designers seemed to have touched a raw chord that is in perfect synch with the woman psyche. A thumbs-up from us!! to view images click on in <a href=http://www.technicruit.co.uk/vivienne-westwood-melissa-shoes-sale>vivienne westwood melissa shoes sale</a> omfortable enough not to emphasize areas, but one prefers to keep covered. Unnati Silks, has trendy designs, attractive patterns, in pleasing col
ours and combinations in its wide collection of Assam cotton sSarees and salwar kameez, at very reasonable prices. Unnati is one of the largest


Pengirim : eacrnrodu -  [nighatetktekt@mail.ru]  Tanggal : 11/01/2015
f Sico sarees which have shine and are softer compared to cotton silk sarees due to the mercerized cotton and mostly pure silk used in Sico.
The violet and green colour Chanderi cotton silk salwar suit has zari woven floral buttis on a deep violet background Kameez. There are ink blue fl
oral prints on the green salwar. The chiffon chunni is a green one with ink blue floral block prints on it. This very stunning piece would do for gran
<a href=http://www.technicruit.co.uk/vivienne-westwood-roman-3-strap-shoes>Vivienne Westwood UK</a> ctions and festivals. The beautiful white bandhini handloom has multi-colour block prints with thread weaving maroon lwar has orange block printing
alled as Masuria because they were woven in Mysore. The weavers were subsequently brought to Kaithoon, a small town in Kota by Rao Kishore Singh, a ge <a href=http://www.lydan.co.uk/babyliss-hair-straightener>babyliss hair straightener</a> occasions, Temples, cultural programs, parties and birthdays. Designer kancheepuram silk saree of artistic floral work and modern border is pride of
the south Indian bride . The gold visual art designs on the Kanchi pattu sarees are made by dipping the silk thread into liquid gold and silver. That

al buttis with a brown and black daman patch border. The salwar is brown cotton silk and the dupatta is a multi-colour embroidery with brown patch bor <a href=http://www.technicruit.co.uk/vivienne-westwood-shoes-heart>www.technicruit.co.uk</a> hat i genuinely did not know which a person to settle on. In the beginning, I believed which the affordable emperia purses ended up far more suitable
for me, for the reason that I just labored for two thirty day period, and that i had not more than enough revenue with the fashion emperia purses. Eve

ar suits. The attractive pale green and yellow color salwar kamiz adorn to the women. The soft light brown and brownish orange cotton salwar kamiz
has beautiful brownish orange jacquard weave flowers on the light brown kameez with light floral design. The brownish orange salwar has white block
<a href=http://www.gahoo.co.uk/oakley-frogskins>www.gahoo.co.uk</a> a practice known as tying or knotting, which is comfortable to wear. In India stitching blanket using different small pieces of cloth is an art. It i
ed has to be small. Experts recommend women to apply it first in their hands and only after to place it on the face. It is best to keep it away f
rom your eyes, as it could cause irritations. Another aspect in this process worth remembering is that the serum is always applied locally. For exampl
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y, they'll also have the chance to get various offers that the firm may give. It's also best to know that they present discounts for customers who hav <a href=http://www.lugga.co.uk/babyliss-perfect-curl-curl-secret-uk>Babyliss Pro Perfect Curl</a> salwar suits and Sarees, at very reasonable prices. Unnati is one of the largest Indian ethnic online websites with over 300 varieties of tradi
Hyderabad-500003.AP,India. 040-64555251 or 97000 57744.
Weaving of Silk organza is still popular in China, Italy and France. In India, apparel and othe <a href=http://www.lydan.co.uk/babyliss-pro-curl>babyliss pro curl</a> st fits you. So now that it's already offered in the marketplace, you can enjoy the benefits of a hot shave even though you're at home. Click Here Fo
with floral prints and designs completes the artistic delight. A very good refreshing change for office, outings, festivals and social events. <a href=http://www.gahoo.co.uk/oakley-store-uk-ray-ban-aviators>www.gahoo.co.uk</a> ristening gowns does not end the task. One needs to buy certain accessories like hat or a bonnet, shoes etc. that suits the christening gown. Christen
y of cotton grown in the region and the rearing of silkworms for producing silk, which is a household occupation. Assam Sarees are known for being li <a href=http://www.technicruit.co.uk/vivienne-westwood-shoes-on-sale>Vivienne Westwood UK</a> r weaves. The handlooms in mangalgiri are famous for the softness and durability. The handloom fabrics are soft and comfortable to wear and also suite
e are places that chooses traditional clothing than modern clothing in such occasion, so it is not bad to get a traditional design nor an old fashione <a href=http://www.gahoo.co.uk/ray-ban-new-wayfarer>www.gahoo.co.uk</a> al & a broad border with embroidered motifs & sleek bright laces. The chiffon Sarees falls in the category of Cotton Sarees. Today, with a diminishing
market for handlooms, most of these exquisite weaving traditions are dying. The chiffon sarees have got Kathan beige color borders. Sarees that tell


Pengirim : plergrotw -  [buralexajs@mail.ru]  Tanggal : 08/01/2015
go for a-line dresses. Look for styles that would emphasize your positive areas and help camouflaging your negative aspects. Many cheap prom dresses a <a href=http://www.technicruit.co.uk/vivienne-westwood-heart-shoes>Vivienne Westwood UK</a> e threads used. There are 36 different types of stitches with back stitch, chain stitch and hem stitch being the commonly used stitches. The more freq
uent variety of stitches include mesh stitch which involves delicately parting the threads of the base fabric and then weaving in and out of the gaps
created. This type of work is developed and originated in Lucknow as an ethnic art with a population of craftsmen engaged in it as a means of liv

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