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22 December 2014

Maju terus PIK Kultur Duayu Smansa !!!!!

Tanggal : 13/11/2010, dibaca 28168 kali.

Di SMAN 1 Bengkulu Selatan mempunyai banyak sekali ekstrakulikuler, seperti basket, voly, futsal, paskibraka, mading, pramuka, dan masih banyak lagi. Tidak kalah juga ekstrakulikuler yang satu ini, yaitu PIK-R (Pusat Informasi dan Konsultasi Remaja).     Kemarin, tepatnya pada tanggal 25 Oktober sampai dengan 28 Oktober, SMAN 1 mengutus siswa-siswinya untuk mengikuti pelatihan sebagai konselor sebaya di kantor BKKBN Provinsi Bengkulu. Sekarang tanggal 28 Oktober sampai dengan 31 Oktober , SMAN 1 juga mengutus siswa-siswinya sebagai pendidik sebaya yang juga dilaksanakan di kantor BKKBN Provinsi Bengkulu.

Konselor sebaya berbeda dengan pendidik sebaya. Sebelum menjadi konselor sebaya, remaja harus terlebih dahulu menjadi pendidik sebaya. Pendidik sebaya harus mempelajari dan mengetahui arti dan makna TRIAD-KRR. TRIAD-KRR merupakan tiga hal yang menyangkut masalah kesehatan reproduksi remaja (KRR). Kesehatan reproduksi remaja meliputi seksualitas, HIV/AIDS, dan NAPZA (Narkotika, Alkohol, Psikotropika, dan Zat Adiktif lainnya). GenRe ( Generasi beRencana) adalah makna dari PIK-Remaja. Kita sebagai remaja yang akan menjadi penerus bangsa harus mempunyai rencana. Di sini kita diharapkan untuk matang dalam berpikir, baik dalam kehidupan di sekolah maupun di masyarakat. Nama PIK-Remaja yang ada di SMAN 1 Bengkulu Selatan adalah Kultur Duayu Smansa.                                                                                  

Kita berharap dengan adanya Orientasi (pelatihan) Konselor dan pendidik sebaya, PIK-Remaja di SMAN 1 Bengkulu Selatan bisa menjadi yang terbaik di Provinsi Bengkulu dan menjadi lebih maju, karena "hari ini harus lebih baik dari hari kemarin, hari esok harus lebih baik dari hari ini !!". Maju terus PIK Kultur Duayu Smansa !!!!!



Kelas : XI IPA 2

Alamat blog : bimacahyo.blogspot.com

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etty traditional. They are also available in modern designs as well. Maduari cotton sarees are apt wear for Functions, Parties, Marriages and ceremoni
es. Maduari cotton saree with block printed borders with zari border is perfect wear for Bridal Occasions and Parties. Designer maduari cotton sarees
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tionally, the technique, motifs and nuances of Kasuti were passed down by older women to young girls. This embroidery is done mainly on handloom Irkal [url=http://www.lydan.co.uk/babyliss-waving-wand]http://www.lydan.co.uk/babyliss-waving-wand[/url] roducts to new customers. The prizes thus offered can be in the form of monetary value, gift hampers that may include some gadgets, household stuffs,
olour Jaipuri pure cotton Punjabi suit with multi-colour floral buttis embroidered in kantha work on the Kameez, along with a green design patch borde [url=http://www.sccp.co.uk/abercrombie-fierce]abercrombie fierce[/url] of Social Welfare, Government of Karnataka to encourage the Kasuti culture and also provide a single roof for the Lambani women to showcase their craf
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Pengirim : eacrhrovr -  [nightetktk@mail.ru]  Tanggal : 16/12/2014
fashion. They find preference for college functions and corporate meets. Zari or Jari is ornamental metal thread used for adorning fabrics. It i [url=http://www.lydan.co.uk/babyliss-hair-clippers]www.lydan.co.uk[/url] lour chiffon chunni in deep pink and cream with exquisite floral prints completes the mesmeric picture. A sensation, this piece would do for any exclu
sive occasion such as weddings, parties, functions, social nites. The blue and red SuperNet patola salwar suit has a teal blue Kameez with a fancy p
igment printed block design on it. The salwar is plain red and the deep red chiffon chunni has beautiful block prints in green and blue all over it. T

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es. Maduari cotton saree with block printed borders with zari border is perfect wear for Bridal Occasions and Parties. Designer maduari cotton sarees
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finely drawn out cotton, silk or synthetic fibres, spun in the balanced plain weave style. The fineness of the Chiffon Saree comes from the close plac
ing of a number of fibres in a close pattern, which achieves a net that hardly allows anything to pass through. Chiffon Sarees decorated with bea
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ctions and festivals. The beautiful white bandhini handloom has multi-colour block prints with thread weaving maroon lwar has orange block printing [url=http://www.lydan.co.uk/babyliss-for-men-7890u-i-stubble-trimmer]http://www.lydan.co.uk/babyliss-for-men-7890u-i-stubble-trimmer[/url] out of his reach in the grounds of a traditional store. He clicked, shopped and was soon the recipient of a lovely sterling silver gemstone ring.
bbean Green and Turmeric Yellow Cotton silk Punjabi suit with chunni has floral embroidery in the top third portion and floral print on the rest of th
e caribbean green setting of the Kameez with gold floral prints on a thin lace border from neck to end. There is a golden patch border at the end wit
h light floral design. The salwar is a brilliantly contrasting plain turmeric yellow. The chunni completes the exquisite picture with a green and turm
[url=http://www.owasys.co.uk/hollister-outlet-uk-3]www.owasys.co.uk[/url] "Life contains a benefit only when it's got a thing beneficial as its item." She felt bucked up by her dream. She was sincerely hoped that once the in
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ut on them. Juicy Couture works by using clothing such as fleece cashmere, terry and velour and it is consequently a great choice to purchase. Click o

lace and that place is covered by a zigzag line. Kanchipuram sarees are woven with different patterns like flowers, mangoes, moons, suns, lions, leav [url=http://www.abercrombieandfitchpacher.fr/abercrombie-and-fitch-paris]abercrombie and fitch paris[/url] roon floral block print on it. The dual colour chiffon chunni in peach pink and yellow has beautiful floral prints on it. This mesmerising salwar kami
z would do for any special occasion such as weddings, parties, social events, festivals. The bluish green color salwar suit is suitable to any pe
rson that will help the wearer. The Meghalaya salwar has multicolour horizontal stripes all over and on the kamiz. The pink Meghalaya cotton embroide

ou like. By choosing the proper public convenience swimwear you'll not solely be ready to opt for a glance that appears and feels smart, you may even [url=http://www.sccp.co.uk/hollisterco-ca]www.sccp.co.uk[/url] That will bring about having a skin that's softer and more healthy. You will not have any issue about where to keep this product as it is just in a sm
undles are tied, the thread resists the color. The weaving is done on traditional hand looms, and vegetable dyes are traditionally used. Patola weaves [url=http://www.milliejane.co.uk/abercrombie-and-fitch]http://www.milliejane.co.uk/abercrombie-and-fitch[/url] designs like embroidery and jewellery works are available and are suitable for grand events like weddings, dinners, grand parties and corporate events


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nd Sarees, at very reasonable prices. Unnati is one of the largest Indian ethnic online websites with over 300 varieties of traditional sarees a [url=http://www.lugga.co.uk/curl-secret-babyliss]curl secret babyliss[/url] i. It has got a wide border between 1.5 and 2.0 inches in colours of green, blue, grey and black. The saree has a mean count of 100 (No. of threads pe
low prices from Unnati silks, ethnic Indian shopping store. Worldwide express shipping to India, UK, USA, UAE, Singapore, Malayisa, Oman, Australia a [url=http://www.milliejane.co.uk/hollister-clearance]http://www.milliejane.co.uk/hollister-clearance[/url] Batik is a proce
ss using 鈥榬esists鈥?for making designs on a fabric. The conventional Batik process has a resist or a physical block in some form or the other to preven

sh salwar kameez fit for parties, weddings, social events and traditional functions. The bandhini cotton Punjabi suit has a dark green kameez [url=http://www.wfanimation.fr]abercrombie and fitch[/url] Dispatch is within 24 hours of order. Free delivery & COD is provided for retail.Worldwide express shipping caters to almost all countries across the
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